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Your shopping on our account!

New outfits, sports shoes, children's equipment, new jewellery, cosmetics or a new business suit?
All you had to do is to bring us your receipt or receipts for at least 2000 CZK and we will return part of the purchase to you in the form of a Gift Voucher to the Myslbek Shopping Gallery. This year you can again exchange your receipts for vouchers during couple of dates. 

How does it work?

At the beginning or the end of each month, a team of hostesses are usually present in the Myslbek passage (in the area near the escalators) for 6-7 days.  You can register your receipts with them, and they issue the vouchers.
You can either register on the spot or online. If you want to do it online, you can use the form at the foot of the page. This will help to speed up the whole process for personal identification and allow you to get back to the shops quicker.

  • following cashback dates will be announced
In order to participate in the event, it is necessary to personally agree with the terms and conditions of the event, along with the GDPR protocol.  This can be done with the hostess at the event. You can get more details by following the links below.

The value of the Gift Voucher depends on the sum of the value of your receipts:
  • 2000 - 5000 CZK -> voucher worth 200 CZK
  • 5000 - 8000 CZK -> voucher worth 500 CZK
  • Over 8000 CZK -> voucher worth 1000 CZK
To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we set a number of terms and conditions of cashback which you can find here (in czech only).

Below we have highlighted the main points:
  • Only original receipts can be submitted; once entered into the system they will be visibly marked
  • The stated amount of spending can be composed of up to 5 receipts
  • The lowest value of any receipt is 200 CZK
  • We register only the receipts issued on 1. 2. 2022 the earliest, you can use also receipts issued on the day of registration
  • Receipts must not be older than 3 months (example: receipt issued on 1. 2. 2022 can be registered on 1. 5. 2022 the latest) 
  • One person can claim a gift voucher only once per day and 5 times per month (example: If you come with receipts worth 15,000 CZK, you are entitled to vouchers of 1,000, 500 and 200 CZK in one day)
  • One person can receive a maximum of one Gift Voucher of each value once per day (200, 500 and 1000 CZK)
  • The organiser, through the production agency, reserves the right not to register in the system illegible, already marked, damaged, handwritten or otherwise disputed receipts.

If you have any questions, write to us at marketing@myslbek.com.
If you want to register for the earliest possible date to have your receipts checked and receive Gift Vouchers, fill out the brief form below. The hostesses will contact you in advance.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you very soon.

Shops and restaurants

fashion, footwear and accessories

Bonnie Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
Calvin Klein Underwear Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
Fade Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
GANT Man Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
GANT Woman Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
GUESS men Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
GUESS woman Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
H&M Dnes otevřeno 09.00—21.00
Karl Lagerfeld Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
MARCIANO PINKO Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
T.M.Lewin Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.30
Tchibo OUTLET Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00

Krása, domov a hračky

ALOve Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
ANGRY BEARDS Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
BUTLERS Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
dm drogerie Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
H&M Home Dnes otevřeno 09.00—21.00


Baby changing area Dnes otevřeno 08.00—21.00
Les Ongles Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
SANIFAIR toilettes Dnes otevřeno 08.00—21.00

Restaurace, kavárny, potraviny

Bubblify Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
Na Čepu Dnes otevřeno 11.00—23.00
NATU Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
Tchibo OUTLET Dnes otevřeno 09.00—20.00
UGO Salaterie Dnes otevřeno 08.00—20.00
Vapiano Dnes otevřeno 11.00—21.30

Wherever you are, you're close to us

Myslbek is located in the most prestigious part of Prague - between Na Příkopě and Ovocný trh. You can reach us comfortably on foot from all metro and tram lines.

Mothers & babies welcome

You can find children's fashion and accessories in Myslbek at H&M store (-1.p). A comfortable changing corner is on the 1st floor, where you can also buy the missing necessities in the dm. An elevator will take you to both floors, even with a pram.

We will delight you with food

In addition to premium fashion boutiques, you will also find branded restaurants. We offer hearty and healthy breakfasts, a rich lunch menu and à la carte dinners.

Wheelchairs and prams friendly

Myslbek is easily accessible for prams and wheelchairs users. Of course there are barrier-free entrances to the building and to the retail space. The +1st and -1st floor of the gallery is served by a spacious elevator.


  • Convenient access on the tram from Wenceslas Square, Jindřišská and Republic Square.
  • 2 minutes from Mustek (metro lines A and B), 5 minutes from Old Town Square (line A), 5 minutes from Republic Square (line B), 5 minutes from Wenceslas Square, Muzeum metro station (line C)
  • You can also reach us by car. In the surrounding area you will find paid reserved zones for visitors. We recommend checking them before entering the centre of Prague - for example through the application www.parkujvklidu.cz.
  • Thanks to its location in the historical centre of Prague, Myslbek is very easy to reach on foot. This also applies if you arrive by train at two nearby stations, Hlavní or Masarykovo.

Premium offices in the centre of Prague

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