shops opening hours  09.00—20.00
gallery opening hours  08.00—21.00
Na Příkopě 19, 21, Ovocný Trh 8,Prague 1

Central installation by world-renowned glassmakers Lasvit

The shopping gallery takes pride in housing an exceptional work of art – at the time, it was the largest glass installation in Central Europe, designed by Maxim Velčovský and manufactured by the Czech company Lasvit. The Myslbek Shopping Gallery gifted it to itself for its 20th birthday. According to the author, it represents an energy vortex of sorts. The dynamic energy of Na Příkopě Street and the calmer energy of the Old Town meet here.

Tubular elements made of blown glass are anchored on the spiral tube. The work is composed of nearly 700 glass elements, measures an impressive 12 by 7 metres and weighs one and a half tonnes.

A symbolic gate in motion

Another interesting feature of the building is its remarkable metal gate facing Na Příkopě Street. It weighs over eight tonnes and is made entirely of stainless steel. The artistic intention was to open it every morning and close it in the evening. The movement takes six minutes. According to the designers' vision, it symbolizes the original division of the Old and New Town and should also evoke the gates of the castles that once stood there.

Art mosaics of the history of art and Prague

From 2020, twelve mosaics created by the art studio 2Mozaik can be found on the marble floor in the circular hall on the first floor
of the building. The mosaics depict important artists associated
with the monuments of the Prague city centre, including the statue
of St. Wenceslas by Josef Václav Myslbek.

The Mysterious Door of Myslbek Palace

During the construction of the building, in 1996, The Door of the Myslbek Palace by Karel Nepraš was created. The imposing gate with little bronze heads hides the entrance to the technical background
of the building at Ovocný trh.

Modern art and Myslbek

The artistic values are not forgotten in Myslbek even today. Currently, Myslbek is a partner of the VáclavArt project. Its aim is to bring interesting art by young artists into the public space. In the shopping gallery, visitors also have the opportunity to experience exceptional architecture and art.

On the right in slideshow:

* large format paintings from the series Midsummer by painter and sculptor Markéta Kolářová VáclavART 2020

* work entitled "TADY TAJI TO" (concrete, wood) by sculptor Dagmar Kropáčová Morová, VáclavART 2022

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