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UGO Winter specials


Salad with curry and tangerine, chicken and physalis:
The combination of tangerine, tomatoes, salad and chicken with curry dressing makes a unique culinary experience out of a simple mix of salads. The salad warms up pleasantly and its exotic taste is enhanced by an orange lantern of the Peruvian sea lion (physalis).

The sea lion (Physalis) is not only a beautiful but also a tasty and healthy food supplement. It is a source of vitamin C, B and provitamin A, contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus. In addition, it has a low glycemic index and is therefore also suitable for diabetics. Physalis also has antioxidant effects and strengthens immunity.

Gnocchi with blue cheese and pumpkin sauce
Did you know that the pumpkin originated in Latin America and did not reach Europe until the end of the 15th century? Do you like blue cheese? Then you will love gnocchi with its distinctive flavor combined with a slightly spicy pumpkin sauce and red beetroot. For even more enjoyment of your taste buds, the food is topped with pumpkin seeds and baby spinach.

Menu gnocchi with chicken, blue cheese and pumpkin sauce
If you are really hungry and need to replenish a lot of energy before the demanding winter season, you can buy these dishes in a bargain menu with a small soup according to the daily menu and iced tea strawberry & bucco (herbal cold brew).

Wrap with blue cheese, smoked chicken and tomatoes
In the seasonal menu, you will also find a delicious seasonal wrap. It contains all the goodies - the popular smoked chicken, fresh vegetables, blue cheese, rucola and tomatoes. Remember it when you need a quick lunch in hand or a light yet hearty snack. Wrap will be gladly baked for you at UGO Branches to keep you warm in the autumn months.

To soothe - mandarin, pineapple, banana, apple
The combination of mandarin, pineapple, banana and apple is the ideal elixir under great stress. This combination nourishes and protects the cells and also works very well against inflammation and viruses. It also acts as a suitable antioxidant.

To restart - mandarin, mango, chilli, honey, apple
The combination of mandarin, mango, honey and apple reboots your body. It is a great infusion of vitamin C and it will boost your immunity in winter. The drink has also positive effects on the heart and skin when it slows down aging.

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