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Václav Art in Myslbek gallery

05.09.2022 — 05.10.2022

Along the entire length of Na Příkopě Street you will not find a single statue or a hint of art since the last century. That is why Myslbek is once again a proud partner of the VáclavART 2022 exhibition of sculptures and art. Its 5th year gives a unique opportunity for 14 artists to present their works to the public, right on Na Příkopě Street and the adjacent premises.

The Myslbek Shopping Gallery is one of the locations where you can find one of the art sculptures. Dagmar Kropáčová Morová is the author of the work called "TADY TAJI TO” (concrete, wood, 2022) exhibited in our shopping gallery.

About the author and the work:
Dagmar graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the sculpture studio of Prof. Jan Hendrych and completed her master's studies in the sculpture studio of Vojtěch Míča.
Her work is based on anatomy, focusing on the physicality, imprint, and haptics. Most of her sculptural works are related to a figure or focus on touch. She likes to awaken the desire to touch her work in the visitor. The recurring motif of a child figure or animal is a search for identity through corporeality, a form that is part of the image of existential continuity. The child is used as an attribute, evoking associations not only from dreams but also from personal life.

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