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01.05.2022 — 07.05.2022

Register online or personally in Myslbek. Then simply bring the receipts for your purchases to our hostess team, who will exchange them for gift vouchers. The value of the gift voucher depends on the sum of the value of your receipts:

2000 - 5000 CZK -> voucher worth 200 CZK
5000 - 8000 CZK -> voucher worth 500 CZK
Over 8000 CZK -> voucher worth 1000 CZK

Therefore, if you bring receipts worth more than CZK 15,000, you will receive vouchers worth 1,700 CZK. And then you can go shopping again!

Where and when can you register receipts? 

The team of hostesses, who will also be happy to help you with registration, you can find from 1. 5. to 7. 5 (10:00 AM – 7:00 PM) in Myslbek passage. Just check the date of an issue of your receipts, we register only receipts issued since 1. 2. 2022.

Detailed information about cashback can be found on the website here. Please feel free to write to us at: marketing@myslbek.com.

Enjoy the coming spring with the Myslbek Shopping Gallery!

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