When can you visit us?

From 2 - 4 November we're exchanging your receipts for Myslbek vouchers - It's your last chance this year!

02.11.2021 — 04.11.2021

So, if you've looked after your receipts from Myslbek, be sure not to miss the dates of 2 - 4 November. Make sure that your receipts are no older than 3 months. We plan another ‘Cashback’ in 2022.

The pop-up point for 'Your shopping on our account' will be visibly marked in the Myslbek passage. If you want to avoid the time delay associated with registration, you can log in to the system right away (if you're not already in it) on this page.

To motivate you to buy and use your gift vouchers by the end of November, we have several new offers from Myslbek:

• At the end of October, we will open a new boutique from the Milan brand, Nenette
• More Italian fashion can be found in the stylish Manuel Ritz boutique
• With ties to Italy, our Vapiano restaurant now offers one discounted lunch course for 150 CZK from Monday to Friday (from 11:00 to 17:00) 
From 25 - 29.10 it will be Pesto Basilico / Rosso
From 1 - 5.11 Pollo Con Limone 
From 8 -12.11 Pollo Di Crema

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