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Test yourself on the covid in Myslbek! - from Monday to Friday


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You can obtain the results of the PCR test covered by the health insurance within 24 hours. The result also includes a medical certificate required for travel abroad. The price is 1089 CZK incl. VAT.

!!! Current information as of 1.11.2021:

Eligibility for voluntary (free) testing:
- Persons under 18 years of age
- Persons who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons
- Persons who have been vaccinated with at least one dose

How often these persons are eligible for testing:
Antigen: once every 7 days
PCR: twice per calendar month

Validity of tests:
AG: 24 hours
PCR: 72 hours

We recommend to follow the official sources of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic with regard to the development of the situation.

Other useful information before your visit:
- In the Term Reservation menu you will find the option of voluntary PCR test (VP5).  You can choose a PCR test on site, even if you have ordered an antigen test
- Clients of Czech health insurance companies (VZP, VuZP, ČPZP, OZP, ZPŠ, RBP, ZPMV) are entitled to 2 PCR tests and 4 antigen tests per month free of charge
- Antigen tests can be performed at least 7 days apart; the weekly interval does not apply to PCR tests, nor to the combination of PCR and antigen testing
- You will receive the result of the antigen test within 15 minutes in the form of a printed document.  You can wait for it or have it sent to you by e-mail
- You will receive the result of the PCR test in the form of an SMS and then by e-mail within 48 hours - it is sufficient in electronic form, but only in the Czech Republic
- If you are going abroad, you can download the certificate on the Vaccination Portal of a MZČR; if you want the certificate by e-mail, the surcharge is 242 CZK
- People with foreign citizenship or children under the age of 15 can now register on the Vaccination Portal
- To answer numerous enquiries: the test result (in Czech and English) is an official document for travelling and also for entering places where it may be required.

You can choose from three methods of antigen testing on site, and it's even possible to combine them:

1) Rapid paper test with evaluation of results on site within 15 minutes (Vidia Rapid-VIDITEST OD-485s). This test is approved by the Ministry of Health. Form of collection: swab from the mouth (FREE OF CHARGE). If your test in positive, it is necessary to perform a control PCR test. The control PCR test, in the case of a positive antigen test, is covered by health insurance and is therefore free of charge. Aiomica will manage all administration surrounding test requests and the reporting of results.

2) High-sensitivity antigenic laboratory test - the result of this test is available within 24 hours (via SMS and email).  This test is also covered by your insurance company, the same as the rapid antigenic test. Sample collection is performed with a nasopharyngeal swab in the same  way as PCR tests. You can make a reservation for a classic antigen test and then decide on the spot whether to choose a rapid test or a laboratory test.

3) Non-invasive rapid saliva test, which is suitable for people sensitive to nasal or throat sampling (and children).  On-site evaluation is available within 10 minutes. This test is only       partially covered and there is a surcharge of 300 CZK (not including tax) per test. With this test, it is also necessary to repeat the sampling in the case of a positive result.

In order to guarantee the continuity of the service, and at the same time to observe safety rules, please make a reservation and adhere to your reserved time before visiting the test site.

Covid testing is free for you. This also applies to family members or people from remote offices. Before receiving the test, you will be asked to present your insurance card, and will also be asked to give consent to the processing of your personal data.

According to company´s instructions, free testing is subject to three conditions:

1) The person being tested is insured with a health insurance company in the Czech Republic (VZP, VoZP, ČPZP, OZP, ZPŠ, RBP, ZPMV)
2)  Has not had COVID in the last 90 days
3) Was not tested less than 3 days ago

If, for any reason, the tested person is not entitled to reimbursement from the health insurance system, the following paid tests (all including VAT) are available:

- Privately paid Antigen test, if the tested person is not entitled to reimbursement from health insurance - 423.50 CZK
- Privately paid Antigen test from saliva, if the tested person is not entitled to   reimbursement from health insurance - 786.50 CZK
- Privately paid PCR test - 1802.90 CZK
- Privately paid PCR test with a medical certificate for travel - 2,044.90 CZK

Payments can be made by credit card via the website or at the test site.

Everyone who takes the test will receive a medical certificate with the result. For the rapid paper test, you will receive details of the laboratory test by SMS and e-mail the following day.

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