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The purpose of the exhibition by the Czech photographer Martin Veselý is to point out beauty in everyday objects and surfaces that most of us pass by without noticing.

Immerse yourself in the exhibited photographs and discover the unobtrusive beauty of oil stains on the asphalt road, the structure of ice, concrete, laminate or even ash. The real artist in this case is nature and its evaluator is human imagination. The author considers himself only an intermediary who captures the detail which most people overlook. The unusual shapes created by nature on different materials can even bring a therapeutic effect for the observers. Despite the „ugliness“ of the original objects, the photographs evoke feelings of joy and liberation.

With the exhibition, the author wants to take visitors back to their childhood years, when they noticed more of the world around them and paused in wonder over banal objects. „As children, we often watched the clouds or noticed the cracks and spots that resembled everything from animals to fairy-tale creatures. And I think this describes the intention of this exhibit probably the best. I want my paintings to bring a good mood to people and the joy of finding one‘s own interpretation. Sometimes, you have to slow down and live in the present moment to perceive the beauty of the world,“ says the photographer Martin Veselý and adds: „Grandpa Ctibor Veselý often told me to look for beauty in ugliness. That‘s what I try to do - even in artistic creation.

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