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Tomáš Smot Svoboda: Movember

Illustrations were created based on freely available photos on the internet and represent an artistic interpretation. You can purchase illustrations online here:


Tomáš SMOT Svoboda (1975) is a graphic designer and illustrator from Brno. He enjoyed drawing since childhood but preferred sports. Baseball became his passion, dedicating almost 30 years to it at the highest level, and now he works as a children's coach.

After finishing his sports career, he used his free time for drawing. He shared his illustrations on social media, where several book editors noticed them, giving him the opportunity to illustrate books. The most famous one is 'How the Wonders of the World Were Built' for children, published in 10 languages. Thanks to this success, Tomáš Svoboda got the chance to write and illustrate his own book for children, which is expected to be released next year.

Whether as an illustrator or graphic designer, Tomáš Svoboda has collaborated with companies such as 2kCzech, Prague City Tourism, Asahi, Orlen, Honeywell, or Konica Minolta. He has created illustrations for Spotify, the official postcard of Prague, and for four years, he has been drawing covers and a children's section for the Paraple Magazine

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