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PostArt - reproductions of art by Czech arists

From 6 March 30 to April, visitors will be able to view reproductions of art by Czech artists from the PostArt project in the Myslbek Shopping Gallery in Prague. The exhibition presents a selection from the permanent offer of posters that PostArt launched last year in an effort to give the public the opportunity to decorate their homes in an affordable but original way. The project involves unknown artists with unique styles, making the collection very diverse in terms of both themes and technique.

On display are abstract paintings by artist Zuzana Fajkusová, in which she tries to depict the the stages of life and the volatility of human moods in the form of classical or digital collage. Artist Jindřích Otta also uses the collage technique. Although both artists use similar themes, Otto's style is more forceful and sharp.

Radek Průša, who has been a photographer since the 1980s, represents photography at the exhibition. His photographs offer his view of the various faces of Prague, its historic Gothic side as well as new structures, such as the Troja Bridge.

Illustrator Katarína Babecová provides a very gentle side. This artist uses digital painting to depict the innocence of animals and kindness in her characteristic way. The artist Milubee uses the same technique, alternating between styles through her illustrations and attempting to capture the atmosphere and tell a story.

The last two artists represent classical painting: Marie Kovandová with her colourful abstract motifs in acrylic paint or watercolour, and Josef Fajt, who paints figurative oil paintings, especially portraits of pop culture icons.

The exhibition of the PostArt project aims to demonstrate the possibilities of reproduction. There is a variety of materials on which the pictures are printed, including quality paper and classic canvases, as well as rather rare materials for printing decorative posters, such as wood and Plexiglas. Each material presents the picture in a different way, breathing new life into it, enhancing certain motifs and suppressing others. This is why reproduction is an art in itself.

The second part of the exhibition continues the PostArt project, its area of interior design and the effort to offer valuable original work. This exhibition is on the top floor, offering functional interior decorations. These items mostly consist of designer products for pets; scratching posts and houses for cats, and bowls and houses for dogs. In addition to their original fresh design, the materials and construction of these products will also capture your attention. They are made only from cardboard or wood, or a combination of both, fully supporting the philosophy of sustainability and ecology. 

The exhibition is rounded off with a display of decorations for children's rooms that build on previous projects, forming the 'Vaše dílna' brand. The decorations are designed and produced under the direction of GRAFFIS studio, and as with their previous products, sustainability and environmental friendliness are emphasized. But the 'Vaše dílna' project is not only about products, it also aims to develop creativity from an early age, which is why it will organize workshops and educational programmes as part of the project, which you can try out right here in the Myslbek Shopping Gallery on Saturdays, the dates of which will always be published in advance.

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